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Muslims in China

Back in Yangshuo, we headed back to our visit some of our favorite restaurants and cafes.  As we were walking along the main walking section of West Street, we came upon a singing minstrel.  Kris, I know how much you like the local musicians, so I recorded this jam for you.

I thought that the music was quite entrancing and certainly made me feel like I was in China.  I noticed the similarity of this instrument to the Ranatars of northwest India, Rajasthan.  We know that the bedouins who play the Ranatar in India traded silk and spices from China to the Middle East, Europe, and North Africa.  I can’t help but wonder where this instrument was first conceived and whether it traveled east or west after its creation.

compare to the Indian Ranatar here:

After the man finished playing one song and he looked up, I realized that he was completely blind.  His music was quite lovely and he was drawing a few fans who stopped to hear the music.  He seemed to be doing well with his tips and I gave him a few Yuan as well.  Listening to his music, I appreciated what he had to offer this world and at the same time, I appreciated the blessings that I had in my life – even sight, something that we use daily and don’t often think about, it made me stop and take pause…



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K - TV
Muslims in China

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  1. Thanks Cousin. I will Compile a Melody Utilizing Each One’s Song and Send it to you. But, get a couple of more of them first. Cool…

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