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I just can’t say enough about the Chinese noodle shops.  Step aside McDonalds!  A breakfast bowl full of noodles is so much healthier and fun than a McBlah breakfast sandwich.  Getting up early the next morning from a late night out, we wanted to get some fast food – and this is it!

Curry and Erica were so hospitable during our visit.  They paid our hotel bill before we even checked in and refused to take any compensation.  Again and again I was amazed and overwhelmed by the generosity and friendliness that I was shown by the Chinese.  We had much of nothing to do today except travel around Guilin and sightsee, so we slurped our noodles and laughed and enjoyed each other’s company.

Just as in the other noodle shops we had been to, the routine was the same: select your ingredients and the cook throws them into the pot, adds some boiling water and in less than a minute, you have paid and are ready to eat.  An additional condiment line allows you to add spices and other things like onions and nuts.  You can add as little or as much as you like to fit your taste.  Each bowl of noodles was about .80 cents.  Considering how fast they are served, how good they taste and the economy of the meal, you really can’t go wrong with a bowl of Chinese noodles!


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local cultural show
Godfather's party

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  1. I enjoyed the Chinese food very much. The only thing we couldn’t figure out was why they ate their dessert with their meal and rice was served last.

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