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Between lunch and dinner, Curry drove us all out to the top of Li River, where the dam creates a lake near Guilin.  It was a pretty drive through the green hills and we enjoyed the view from the hilltop near the dam.  I won’t bore you with photos of the dam, if you’ve seen one dam, unless it’s the big dam in China or the Hoover Dam, they’re all pretty much the same.  But we enjoyed the nice view and relaxing quiet of the place.

As we worked our way towards the little marina, we were asked if we wanted to take a boat ride down the river.  The price seemed a little too steep but there were some other Chinese people nearby and they expressed an interest in sharing a boat.  Split a few ways, the fare was quite reasonable and we decided to take the trip.

And I am glad that we did.  It was one of those once in a lifetime magical moments.  I can’t say for sure why; the scenery wasn’t the most beautiful on the earth, the water was not the most clear – but I was surrounded by friends, we were all well fed and happy, laughing and enjoying each other’s company.  After a while, we hung our feet out over the bow of the ship and it felt like we were flying just above the water.  I shot a video and posted it below.  I can’t really describe the feeling, but it comes back to me when I watch the video – I watch it I have, I must have replayed this video a few hundred times.

I never think to take photos of myself and as a result, I have no photos of me in this set.  Anya took some photos, but her hard drive has crashed and I do not have access to them.  Perhaps in the future I’ll get copies of them and add to this entry.  In the meantime, I did capture the video of Curry and Erica above – don’t they just look happy in love?

As we motored out of the marina, I shot a few photos and this one (above) captures the hills and the look of the countryside near the dam and river.  Aside from the “chug-chug” of the boat’s engines and the low murmur of the Chinese people inside the cabin, all we could hear was the splash of the water on the bow and the wind whisking past our ears.

As we went further downstream, we saw some fishing houses, a few boats and the landscape changed somewhat.  It was beautiful, but even more, it was tranquil.

As we cleared the river and into another lake, we spotted some lumber workers returning home from a day of cutting wood.  We waved and smiled and they – surprised to see Westerners – smiled broadly and waved back.  The feeling of being like a movie star as the locals smile at you never gets old.

Here is the video that I mentioned earlier.  I notice that it pulls my eyes and plays a little trick on the mind, my brain isn’t sure if the camera is moving, the boat, or both.



I selected this photo as you can see the boat in the background behind Curry and Erica.  Don’t they make a wonderful looking couple?  They were such gracious hosts and I will always feel indebted to them.


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over for dinner
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