Chinese Wedding

roadside noodles
Guilin market

Just around the corner from Erica’s house we saw a Chinese wedding.  Curry explained that it is an all day affair; friends and family will come all day to bring gifts and pay their respects to the couple.  Throughout the day firecrackers will be lit off.

We quickly found out that this area of Guilin has never known the visit of an Anglo person; we were the first and we were met with stares and open-mouthed stares everywhere we went.  When we stopped to photograph this wedding the bride, groom and all of the guests seemed to be mildly entertained by our presence.

I noticed that this bride was wearing a traditional white wedding dress.  But, in keeping with Chinese tradition (of wearing a red dress), she is wearing a red jacket or shawl.

I kept a safe distance, but not Anya.  She worked her way into the crowd and started coaching the newlyweds like a photographer shooting a supermodel.  I quickly learned that she had a unique personality; a personality the likes that I had never experienced.  I suppose that fearless would be a good description.  Perhaps fearless mixed with charismatic.  I stood back and watched her work her magic; the Chinese weeding party seemed as captured as I was…


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roadside noodles
Guilin market

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