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Dog on the menu
what is that game?

Our friend Jennifer, invited us for a cooking class and lunch at the Yangshuo Cooking School.  After we departed the market and came to the school grounds, I was pleasantly surprised to find that it was right on the bank of the Li River overlooking a stunning view of the river, the mountains and also the heart of Yangshuo.

I purchased a bottle of wine at the local grocery store at the entrance to the tourist district.  One grocery store had some imported French wine that sold for 65 yuan per bottle (about $10) and was a nice step up from the Chinese “Great Wall” red wine that, while it was drinkable, left much to be desired in the taste area.  I thought that this import would make a nice photo of (what would soon be our) our lunchtime view.

The view looking up the river towards Xingping; as always, the beautiful mountains of Yangshuo provide a lovely view:

While I snapped photos, Jennifer was teaching Anya and the other girls how to make a Yangshuo favorite: Beer Fish.  We also had a mixed vegetable dish and tofu and another dish of chicken with cashew nuts (my personal favorite).  In this photo, Helen took some of the freshly chopped veggies to the cooking kitchen.  The kitchen has broad open windows with a view of the Li River.  For those who love to cook, you cannot find a more beautiful location in Yangshuo.

Our student chefs mixing up tofu and vegetables:

Jennifer is mixing up the beer fish and in case you were wondering, yes, it is actually made with beer (green bottle on the table).  I cannot begin to describe how wonderful the beer fish is.  Cooked properly it has the most wonderful flavor and is served on the bone.  When you grab some meat off of the fish with your chopsticks it almost melts as it is so soft and succulent.  Oh, and the taste - garlic, beer, and all sorts of other ingredients.  I cannot say that I’ve ever had better fish.  If you come to Yangshuo, be sure to try the beer fish!

And the tofu is ready!

Desert, aside from the wine was a nice mixture of fruit.  China has such a variety of food and fruits and vegetables.  It seems that you could eat something new everyday and still find more culinary experiences.

After we ate, we chatted over a glass of wine and enjoyed the beautiful views of the Li River.  Even if you don’t cook, I’d recommend the Yangshuo Outdoor Cooking School.  It was such a wonderful afternoon.


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Dog on the menu
what is that game?

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