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WARNING:  The following post may be considered offensive to some.  If seeing a slaughtered dog will upset you, please skip to the next post.

As I worked my way from the “live” chickens, ducks, geese, doves and rabbits, I came to the butchering area.  I’m not sure if you buy your bird at the live stands and bring them here for slaughter if you don’t want to pluck and clean them yourself, or if these vendors just offer a different product – a plucked and gutted bird versus a live bird.

Then, I walked a little farther and was surprised by what I saw next.  I had been told that dog was a delicacy in Guangxi Province but I hadn’t expected this.

Looking back on my visit to this side of the market in Yangshuo, I most remember after I left the market.  I was feeling sick, tormented inside, perhaps a bit sad.  As a dog lover, I looked at these guys with sympathy but there was nothing I could do for them.  What made it worse, I think these dogs knew what was coming.  They watched as the other dogs were pulled out and then slaughtered in front of them.  Aside from the one dog in front who is showing his teeth, the rest looked pitifully sad.

The owners of this dog meat stand didn’t seem to mind at all if I took photos.  I paused for a moment and soaked in what I was looking at.  It was hard to stay “detached,” and just observe as a traveler.  Part of the reason that I am here is to see other cultures and to learn about them.  I tried to not be judgmental.  But, I did feel a bit helpless for those little dogs in the cage.  When I felt that I had just enough, I moved on.

At the next stand, the vendor had dogs and cats in cages.  I guess they eat cat here too.  This vendor did not want me taking photos, but I couldn’t resist.  The scene was a bit overwhelming; the loud “chop chop” of a meat cleaver bearing into dog bone and flesh, each hacking sound causing the cats to erupt with “meows” at every blow.  I switched the camera to video and just as I began taking a, the vendor picked up his meat cleaver and came after me.  I killed the video and ran off.  I only captured a 3/4 second video that won’t play on this site.  I pulled a photo off of it, you can see the guy coming around with the meat cleaver.

I found that the girls had finished their shopping and were waiting outside on the sidewalk.  We departed and I thought about what I had seen…

And yes, they do eat dog in China…


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fish or vegetables?
Yangshuo Cooking School

14 thoughts on “Dog on the menu

    • Yes, it is sad to see them. Part of the point of this post is that the little chickens, pigs and cows that we eat suffer the same fate – that we recognize dogs as pets but not other animals shows a bit of Western hypocrisy.

  1. That is completely disgusting. i have not got a clue why some stupid people would do that to such beautiful animals. Al least give them a bigger cage and plenty of exercise, food , water and love! That is disgusting chopping the dogs in-front of the others, they should be killed in front of the other and kept in a tiny cage and to be slaughtered in front of the other and see how the feel!!!! it is pure sick, it just shows how sick the world is becoming to, it makes me sick.

    • Georgina, first off, thanks for your comment.

      Are you upset because the animals killed are dogs or because they are animals?

      Playing devil’s advocate, my next question would be, are you a vegetarian? If you are NOT a vegetarian, then I suspect that your outrage is more a matter of the ethnocentrism of whatever society you come from. How is killing a dog for food any different than killing a cow, chicken or pig for food? Pigs are just as smart as dogs but no one (except the PETA folks) cries over bacon.

      Something to think about…

    • Andre, thanks for your eloquent post; I’m sure that many in India feel the same about Western folks eating burgers ;-)

  2. Why cannt these nasty people stick to just eating chicken, pork, beef like all other normal meat eating people…if you absolutely need meat. why dog, cats??? God created some animals for man’s companionship, healing, and nurturing.. they add so much happiness, joy in life like children do!!! I have three of them, so i know!! I am so surprised and disqusted by people in these Asian countries still eating dogs, cats like back in the days people eating anything and everything because they didnt know any better.. would they mind eating their own children if they could?? or do they eat babies already?? google it… is it true??

    • Cecilia, we are so graced to have you comment here – someone who has a direct link to God – someone who can share with us his wisdom that Cows are for eating and Dogs are not. I am sure that everyone in India will be very surprised.

      Do realize, that Indian people have as much shock and disgust at you eating beef as you have for Chinese eating dogs. And Vegetarians have as much disgust for you eating ANY meat.

  3. Sick and Twisted!!!!!! good to know that they & it will soon all be destroyed! And hopefully those animals spirits find peace…

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