Wu Sheng Temple

fish or vegetables?

While touring Xingping, icame across the Wu Sheng Temple that is a contemporary museum of sorts.  It houses some Ming Dynasty artifacts and also has some Qing era exhibits.  The photo above is shot just inside the front door threashold and is of a Ming Dynasty bell that was rung for Imperial and cerimonial purposes.

In 1998, Bill and Chelsea Clinton visited this site when they were taking a tour down the Li River.  I once read that Bill and Hillary made more overseas trips than any other Presidential family in American history.  It is nice to know that my tax dollars could fund their extensive vacations.  Well, they did pick a nice spot to visit; this area is perhaps one of the most photographed areas in China and is known for is picturesque mountains and rivers.

Inside the coutyard of the temple-museum there was a beautiful view of the mountains and the grounds were decorated elaborately with ponds, garden plants and various statues and ancient artifacts.  Facing towards the museum (lower photo), you can see that the building is open to the outside permitting sunlight to reach to the exhibits.  The building, over 500 years old is in wonderful preservation – its massive beams have held up well through the years.

Inside there were many ancient plaques and memorials.  There were various exhibits showing local costumes and other artifacts from the Ming and Qing Dynasties.

Some of the Ming era costumes are brightly colored and I couldn’t help but think of what it must have looked like, 5 centuries ago, with so many people dressed in clothes like this.  I am sure that the peasants were in grey or other subdued colors and leaders and royalty must have really stood out with clothes like these.


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fish or vegetables?

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