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As we walked through Xingping, we came across the billboard in the photo above, it reads, “Long Jing River Driftage.”  I thought, “River Driftage, what’s that supposed to mean?”  Later I learned that it meant “Long Jing River Rafting.”  I had a good laugh; the computer translation software or the junior-high school kid who did the translation came as close as he could.

All throughout China I came across signs, billboards and commercial packaging that was, well, inaccurate would be an understatement.  The translations were, in many cases outright wrong.  Nevertheless, they provided for a good laugh.  I appreciated their efforts and recognized that at least they could speak some English.  My Chinese was limited to a half-dozen words.

In the photo below, I didn’t see any mistranslations but I did notice that the label bared a strong resemblance to the bottle of my good friend Jack Daniels:

In perhaps the most wildly mistranslated product packaging that I had seen in my entire time in China, this had to take the cake:

Just in case you missed it, I have the photo blown up below.  I’ve never known a romantic dry red wine to help me “piss through the romantic scerocis” before, but hmmmm, maybe I just don’t understand Chinese romance?

This sign doesn’t seem to be so much of a mistranslation as it is a grammatical error.  Either way, when one thinks of a “collision” it usually refers to an automobile accident or something more dynamic than I expected to find at this airport elevator.

I’m not sure what a “dough portrait” is, but it is good to know that it is “forever lasting.”

This Windex type product is sure to remove all chicken-oily-dust combinations wherever you may find them in your home:

Once your home is ride of oily-chicken-dust residue, the same company manufactures a cleaning product for your family.  Just apply to children and spouse and viola, they are brighter and cleaner.

As I approached this urinal at an airport, I toke a moment to read the placard placed above:

I was impressed.  Not only was the English translated correctly and grammatically correct, but it was witty and quirky as well!  Good job whoever made this sign…

At the Beijing Airport, this sign appears:

I think that it is telling you to keep out of the restricted area for safety:

The selection of ingredients in this bottle of wine sure make it sound tasty!  It must be good because it is guranteed by the Chinese wine factory that made it!

I wonder if those cooked Taiwanese people come with rice?


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washing your dog

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  1. by teh way these 3 years being a foreign studen in china i can see they’re amazing at making signs everywhere

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