teaching English in China

Yulong River
Yanshuo and its street restaurants

I always seem to run into Western travelers who are looking for the ways or means to travel and/or work overseas.  Aside from joining the Peace Corps, there are not a lot of options unless you have a specialty (advanced computer programming comes to mind).  However, there seems to always be a need for English teachers around the world.  I met an American couple in Laos in 2006 who were English teachers in Korea.  They each were earning about $35k per year.  They planned to work two years and save enough to buy a house when they got home.  The only “catch” with these type of jobs is that you must have (at least) a bachelor’s degree and many of the jobs require an English teaching certificate.

… some students at the English school where Anya was teaching…

For substantially less pay, but an amazing opportunity to live in another country, Yangshuo has many teaching schools that will provide room and board and will acquire a visa for you.  I shot the above photo of one of the many flyers I saw around town; a quick Google search for English schools in Yangshuo will produce multiple hits.

… typical meal served to the teachers at one of Yangshuo’s many English schools…

Word of warning: Stay away from the Outdoor English School in Yangshuo.  It is run by a nefarious character by the name of “Simon.”  Simon seems to be a scammer and con-artist.  I know of at least one occasion where he tried to set up an ex-pat American woman on a date with the Yangshuo Chief of Police in order to win favor from Law Enforcement.  He has also been known to keep westerners passports in order to hold them “hostage” at his school.

All of the other schools seemed to be great places to work, just stay clear of the Yangshuo Outdoor English School


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Yulong River
Yanshuo and its street restaurants

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  1. just saw the picture at outdoor english school. I was there around the same time, because I had Ivy (the girl in the picture) as one of my students!
    When were you there? I was there about 1 year ago this time

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