Terra Cotta Warriors, museum exhibits

Terra Cotta Warriors, pit 2
Terra Cotta Warriors, chariot exhibit

The museum co-located inside the building housing the 2nd excavation site was full of all sorts of historic Chinese treasures.  While inside, I offered to take a photo for a group of Chinese young men in hopes that they would offer to take my photo.  Not only did they offer, but they all wanted to be in the photo as well!

The first thing that I noticed about this skull is that it does not look European!  It certainly has the head structure of a Chinese person.  Besides the buried Terra Cotta soldiers and their war implements, the tomb of the Emperor was located here as well as animal and slave sacrifices.  Don’t remember which this skull is but it doesn’t appear to be bludgeoned.

Good news for the kid, they only used a Terra Cotta model and not the real thing!

… horse sacrifice…

This bun warmer pot lid looks very similar to those still used today.

I prepared a photo presentation below of some of the other museum exhibits to include coins, torture devices, pottery and pottery shards, bronze birds and other ornaments, Terra Cotta Warriors plate armor, Terra Cotta Warrior statues, tools and implements, bronze weights and playing dice:








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Terra Cotta Warriors, pit 2
Terra Cotta Warriors, chariot exhibit

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