Xi’an at night

welcome to China!
what $59 buys in Xi'an, China

I arrived in Xian in the evening and was just in time to catch the big bus in to town.  I approached the taxi stand and asked the taxi captain if there was a local bus; I always try to take the bus as it provides the opportunity to meet locals – a must if you want to “really” get to know the country.

At each toll both the cars and busses jockeyed for position and I used the big neon signs as background lighting for my photos.

This was my first visit to Xian and I was surprised at how bright it was at night.  It reminded me of driving through Las Vegas.

I am not quite sure what this sign is referring to, but I had a good laugh reading it.  Throughout China I would come to read more and more signs in which the translation just doesn’t quite work out, many of them are downright funny to read.  I’ll post those in the next few weeks…


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welcome to China!
what $59 buys in Xi'an, China

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