short skirts in the snow
TV show: The Unit


A trip to the train station to pick up my ticket to Irkutsk & some walking around Tomsk gave me the opportunity to do some people watching and to take some photos of Russians as they went about their daily lives.  On the way to the train station, I spotted some boys who were rolling a snowball all the way home.  I watched it as it grew and grew in size as they carried and rolled it home.



At the train station, the temperature gauge read 0 degrees Celsius (32 degrees Farenheit).  This was not far from the high that day and dropped much lower at night.



The area around the train station usually provides some good people watching opportunities.  I always enjoy watching the vendors and their customers as they haggle over prices.  The mass-transit system in Russia works well and I used the trolley cars to get around Tomsk when I wasn’t walking.





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short skirts in the snow
TV show: The Unit

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