Tomsk: Siberian houses

Tomsk: Ulitza Lenin
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… German-Russian house…

On my second and third days in Tomsk, I went sightseeing in two of the city’s historic districts that contain old Siberian wood houses.  I was very impressed with the intricate and delicate wood carving as well as some of the painted windows and doors and some that had the entire houses painted.  The three most famous of the wood houses are the German-Russian house (above), the dragon house (below), and the Peacockhouse (undergoing reconstruction, orange and pink paint with white trim, also below).


… the Dragon House…


… the Peacock House…


Despite the reconstruction efforts, I was able to see some of the intricate wood carved trim.  the German-Russian, Dragon, & Peacock Houses all served as museums.  It is likely that the reconstruction efforts are done in the fall when after the tourist season is over.  The logs of each home are skillfully linked at the corners.  The more luxurious homes are then covered with a wood facade made of planks or boards that are then painted.  Even the wooden pillars are artfully carved.




Other homes in the historic districts of Tomsk are “regular” homes wherein normal Russian families live in them.  Some were meticulously maintained and were quite impressive looking.  Others needed some maintenance attention but still retained beautiful wood carving and a “rustic” log cabin look.







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Tomsk: Ulitza Lenin
fear of photos

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