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This is a travel blog: primarily to pass the stories that I’ve experienced to friends and family (primarily in America).  What I deem to be “interesting” is pretty much anything that’s different from what one might experience in America.  In the case of this post, that cetainly is true.

One evening when I stayed in rather than go out, I was flicking through the TV channels, trying to find a Russian language program that was subtitled in English when I came across the “nude” channel.  This wasn’t on pay-per-view, this was regular TV.  It seems that after 9pm or 10pm in Ukraine, the “PG” rating gets lifted.  Hmm, actually the “R” rating gets lifted as the shows and advertisements had full frontal nudity.

So, I was a bit shocked as we certainly don’t even have chest nudity in America on regular TV.  But, after a while, it didn’t seem like such a big deal.  I remember a conversation that I had with a Norweigan couple wherein the woman asked me, “What’s the big deal of showing a tit on TV?  In America you have violent movies, boxing matches and Ultimate Fights where people get bloodied, bludgeoned and some even die.  Those shows are ok for children but a natural body is forbidden?  Hmm…  no wonder America has so much violence.”  And as I thought about it, no one in the inner cities ever died from a drive by boob flashing.  Maybe she had a point.  When I saw topless women at the beaches in Norway and in Greece it was a shock for all of about 5 minutes and then it was just “normal.”  I am sure that for my European readers, this is no big deal as I have seen topless women on late night TV in many European countries.  I’d love to hear your input in the comments section below.

Well, the culture and “decency” standards are certainly different between the two countries.  It is something I learned while traveling, it is something that I’ll have to think about before I make up my mind on the subject.

Well, I had better cut this post short as I need to save my fingers to type response emails to my family as I get barated with angry emails – LOL.


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Odessa market
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