Ljubljana Castle

Ljubljana Market

We got an early start on the day and Sabina took me into town so that I could see Ljubljana in the daylight.  We had some scattered rain clouds and rain but the sky was clear enough to make a beautiful day.  We parked near the Republic Square (Ljubljana town square) and began the long climb up the mountain.  I never thought to go a kilometer or two away and shoot one from a distance but Dave at davestravelcorner.com was kind enough to let me borrow one that he shot (above).

Later, when we toured the museum, I learned a little about the history of this castle.  Excavations suggest that it has been continually inhabited since 12oo  B.C. and it is believed that the first fort settlements were built then.  First mention of the castle in written records was in 1144 when it was listed as a seat of the Carinthian dukes of the House of Spanheim.

In the 1400′s, the castle was built up to include walls, towers, the entry gate & drawbridge and a chapel.  Because no one lived in the castle that was of royalty, it fell into disrepair and was used as a military garrison and prison until modern times.  The castle was restored to its current condition starting in the 1960′s.

The view of the Ljubljana from the top of the castle hill was perfect.  We could see all around the city and it looked just charming.  I’m sure that it is no big deal to the Europeans, but to west coast Americans, its like being in a movie or fairy tale book.  Looking out from one of the tower windows, the Franciscan Cathedral with its distinctive pink color can be seen.

… the market set up in the town square…

Looking out over Ljubljana we had such a clear day and could see all the way to the hills and mountains.  The city bustled about and we enjoyed the nice view from one of the city’s best vantage points.  The photo below is shot from the outer wall looking inwards towards the castle’s inner courtyard.  The tall tower (where they fly the Slovenian flag) was under some reconstructive improvements.

I made a 360 degree video shot of the castle, the city, and the inner courtyard:



I wanted to go up to the top  of the tower to get a shot of the courtyard and the city below but it was closed due to the construction.  I was however, able to borrow this shot taken by Jacek Nowak.

On the way out of the castle, Sabina and I took some last photos before heading down to the market to get some lunch.  If you ever have a chance to visit Ljubljana, be sure to drop by the castle for a visit!


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Ljubljana Market

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