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Pushkar Gypsies

One morning while I was out exploring around Pushkar, I ran across some members of my favorite Bedouin family.  The young girl with the yellow eyes was with her older cousin and they were selling some silver bracelets.  I immediately noticed that the older cousin had similar striking hazel colored eyes and posed them for a photograph.

Each day as the father of the family came by my lunch place and sang for me, I was more and more fascinated by his stringed Ranatar instrument.  I asked him if he could make one for me and he agreed.  A few days later he brought it by and delivered it to me and I asked the restaurant waitress to take our photo.  I was always sitting down when he came by to play for me and I never realized how tall I was compared to him; I guess it shows in the photo – LOL.  I really took a liking to this family.  They were unassuming, never push, they always had smiles, and I found them to be warm and friendly.  I talked at great length with them about their customs and traditions.  I was told that they are Hindu and follow the Caste system.  Specifically, they only marry to other Bedouin families just as the Gypsies only marry to other Gypsies.  I thought of the history as he told me that his father and his father before them had been playing the Ranatar for 20 generations.

I saw this little girl often.  She was a Bedouin also but not related to the first family.  Her father and the man above were good friends and had known each other since childhood.  Just like all of the other Bedouin Minstrels, she was always happy and smiling.

One day the mother of the Bedouin family came out and she and her husband serenaded me in front of the scenic Pushkar Lake.  It was nice to see the whole family out together.  I thought how lucky they are to be able to be together every day.


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freaky Indian stuff
Pushkar Gypsies

7 thoughts on “Indian Bedouins

  1. Nice article. I would like to inform you that the Rajasthani gypsies belong to Banjara community (banjara, Lamani) and not Bedouins.
    Bedouins are the nomadic community in Arabian penisula. They are semitic people.

    • Interesting, they called themselves Bedouins. Bedouins “can” be from the Arabian peninsula and “might” be Semitic. But this isn’t always the case; there are African Bedouins, Afghan Bedouins, etc…

        • And before that? The people’s of Turkey, Syria, Jordan, Palestine, Iraq and Iran were swapped back and forth so much over the last 4,000 years that pretty much everyone is related.

          • Before that it was the Etruscans. I am talking about genetic maternal lines present in the region a couple of thousand years ago. Not general populations, but the J line (Sumerian), J2 (Jewish) and JT (Etruscans). Recessive genes from distinct tribes are showing up in people giving us an insight how the ancient Mesopotamians might have looked like.

  2. Got you! I have just been reading about Bedouines being 1 of 3 groups with the highest incidence of rh negative blood (up to 30%). Therefor my newfound interest in them.

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